05 August 2009


Subbing was the theme of the day. Apparently, it's a pretty crucial part of journalism. Therefour; Id beter not made ani spellling miztakes or gramatikal eror's on ere.

It was particularly handy for Josh as he has been appointed chief sub for our magazine. Luckily, he seemed to enjoy the tasks, especially one involving a woman dressing to compliment (not complement) her boobs. He liked it so much that he managed to make a two minute task last at least twice as long. Thankfully, we moved on before Chris and Alex could give us their comprehensive list of other words commonly used to describe breasts - I'm not sure whether Josh would have been able to handle the excitement.

Highlights from the rest of the day's work included removing negatives from sentences, using verbs rather than nouns, taking out unnecessary prepositions and something to do with homonyms.

But in the grand scheme of things, subbing is rather trivial isn't it? I mean, it's pretty much making sure you follow a list of rules set out in grammar books and checking the dictionary for the correct spelling of words. If you want to be a PMAer, you've got to be ready to tackle the subjects which have been perplexing mankind since the dawn of time, e.g. the telephone. The mind boggles.

Oh, and the title? Well it's the pause for breath a comma represents, obviously.


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  2. Obviously, you noticed the typo in dressing and the fact that it's complement not compliment.


    I'm going for a lie down.


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