11 August 2009

His face might look like it's slowly melting off...

...but Rupert Murdoch may be our saviour. Finally someone has acknowledged that the current business model for journalism is not sustainable. Papers are dying but the Times Online has over a quarter of a million hits a day. Some argue, people will still source their news from free outlets like the BBC, that brilliant government freebie. Or maybe it's called a licence fee?! That's £2 a week. Good journalism costs money and it seems odd it has become a free service. What could the Telegraph have charged for the expenses scandal? The New York Times, who unsuccessfully tried online subscription, maintain it won't work and publishers will simply lose advertising revenue as well as readership.

I would be happy to pay £2 a week to read the Guardian online. Would you?

note this is NOT a rhetorical question. comment below


  1. Really, really interesting. Great blog Gemma. I will definitely be paying for online news.


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