08 August 2009

Head, shoulders, knees and toes...

Only a Hitler-style approach to discipline will do now.

But things are looking up as I've bought myself a second pair of earphones and have a relaxing evening ahead of me...

Out of the safety of my Asda voice recorder Nicky Haslam's Canadian business partner Colette Anthon tells me: "We're all A-type females aren't we? We multitask." Well, I'm inclined not to disagree. (Did you see that Keith?)

Whilst I listen to Colette in my left ear, I hear a female robot dictate Ann Dix's T-line to me, in my right. Though this intriguing little tale about Uncle Jim's somewhat imperfect tie collection could keep me amused for hours, I don't waste time by leaving the other hand redundant - of course not - it's busy finishing a news analysis. And if this lazy approach to the weekend has shocked you thus far, you can close your mouth, for I assure you my third arm is occupied with an online re-sub; my left foot - nipping a couple of 1000 word features in the bud, leaving only my ear to cook dinner. What's that darling? What time is dinner ready did you say?

Oh how silly of me. That's not my boyfriend - that's merely the voice in my head. I forget - he emigrated.

Don't blame him.

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