03 August 2009


Alex Pullin was 25 years-old when she died after contracting swine flu on a PMA journalism course…

This very nearly could have almost perhaps been reality (ish, OK, not really). When, nearly two weeks ago, after writing this blog, I was struck down by the biggest bout of irony this side of an Alanis Morissette concert*. Thanks for the kind sentiments guys, and for disinfecting and then quarantining my desk. ’Preciate it. Really.

However, had I not made it I would have been reassured that my course-mates would be well prepared to write my obituary for The Times, Guardian or Daily Telegraph.

For today was obituary writing day. Some people revelled in their obituaries, others less so. Certainly, the fact that the people we were writing about were still very much of this realm could be rather off-putting. Especially as all of our subjects are ‘on the way out’ and the idea of us happily tapping away in Camden about the life of some poor sod who was choking his last elsewhere seemed, well, a bit morbid really.

In other news, the pile of news resubs still looms high, about 20 pieces high. Our magazine hasn’t got a single news story yet and our chief sub doesn’t appear to know the alphabet (Does L come before J? I don’t think so Josh). We still have to find our ‘Life in a Day’ interviewee, create a news analysis for the publication, learn some more terrifying media law tomorrow, followed by subbing for the rest of the week. Not to mention the Teeline.

PMA, in the words of Morrissey “You have killed me, you have killed me…

*Yes I’m aware that there is no irony in this song. (Thanks Josh - You're really earning your wage there...)

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