15 August 2009

D-Day. T-minus 5 days

Saturdays at PMA are always an interesting day. Would I rather have been watching my team get three points in the first game of the season? Yes but I knew I'd signed my life away when I decided to do the course.

The agenda for the day was subbing, layouts and more subbing. The magazine is now starting to look really good and the stress of the week is easing.

Morale seems to be a bit higher (debatable) even though its the weekend but thats the beauty of PMA. It can surprise you when you least expect it.

Teeline in the afternoon is usually a nice break. Not today. The lack of sleep has really affected my brain and I was horrendously slow but there's always tomorrow.

I generously offered to go to the pub with everyone to watch the football but there aren't any takers. Colley said: "I've got too much subbing."

What a let down! He did get the bacon sarnies in though so I can't be too harsh.

Just because it never happens, have a look at the table. West Ham in third. Lovely jubbly.

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