25 July 2009

Weekend - what's that?

"Wahey, it's Saturday. There's no need to don my shirt and tie because it's the weekend." Or so I thought. But I was wrong. So on came the trousers and shirt as we got to work for the 13th day in succession.

We were at least afforded the luxury of a 9.15am start, as with last Saturday. There were no scheduled tasks so we had time to soldier on with any work outstanding - and I have plenty.

Today was pretty relaxed in fairness, although the weekly meeting with Roberta brought me crashing down to earth.

Then there was Teeline. I'm not sure I'd describe shorthand as therapeutic, but it's definitely a welcome break from news writing. However, it's also slightly intimidating to see others bashing out 50 words a minute at this early stage.

Fortunately, we do not have to be in until 2.00pm tomorrow. So I have all Saturday evening and Sunday morning to carry out magazine research, sort out resubmissions, learn Teeline and read the newspapers. Fantastic.

The good news is, there's no new cases of swine flu to report of. Yet...

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