29 July 2009

Times your most embarrassing moment by three - now

Just when you think you’ve hit what I hear marathon runners (and the blind) refer to as ‘the wall’, the impenetrable bastard, aka PMA, starts laying more bricks on top of itself. With this going on and Roberta constantly telling you “not to worry,” your only hope is the authorities – a much longed for sectioning. Sadly the men in white flasher-macs will never make it in though, as we have Josh bouncing the PMA building 24/7, surrounded by endless menacing biscuits.

Extraordinarily enough, I have not lost it yet though today was a tester.

Features was introduced by Will who immediately told us our interviewee was on his way to the building. Then he generously gave us an hour to become the mystery man’s biggest fan, before launching us through the door and scrutinizing our mortification with a large lens. Nice.

If that wasn’t enough, as a finale we were all subjected to interrogation. The brief was - ask the most probing questions possible, until you start to embarrass yourself.

Yes, of course I drew the short straw. Being 11th man with no partner (a big thumbs up to you Abi), I had chief interrogator himself to fend off. Thankfully I feel I handled the situation with tact and diplomacy and don’t think I embarrassed Will too much. That is until it was my turn to ask the questions…

All that stress Will put on the importance of eye contact - I guarantee I will never be able to look him in the face again.

Unless I head to bed now, I fear I shall be joining my friends up top. I’m not talking about the marathon runners.

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  1. I assure you the size of this writing was not purposeful.


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