16 July 2009

Stacks to do

After missing a full day to go to Graduation and the realisation that the workload is non-stop, I’ve realised that this is going to be every bit as intense as we were warned. I’m learning the true meaning of multi-tasking but surprisingly I’m really enjoying it – albeit I’m sure this is a gentle beginning.

It’s Thursday and there are discussions of a cheeky drink at some point. We couldn’t decide between Friday or Sunday, but Arabella shrewdly pointed out that ‘the new Friday’s the new Wednesday’s the new Sunday!’

As for the newspaper tests, I have vowed to read every newspaper in my path to beat my atrocious score of 1. However, on another note, I’m actually looking forward to attempting Teeline.

I best be getting on, I’ve just realised it’s seven o’clock already.

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