29 July 2009

Peaks and troughs...

The day started well enough. (So far, so Jessica Fletcher). I'd had a great day yesterday after a wobbly weekend. (I recall foolishly telling Chris that I was "back in the game"). A productive 8.30am magazine meeting had us all buzzing. Then a review of a Piers Morgan interview had Arabella proposing that he be "jettisoned off the planet".

We watched the videos of us interviewing David Gustave, with feedback from Will. Amid the inevitable cringing at watching ourselves on screen, everyone seemed to get something out of it. And did I mention that mine was referred to as "the best"? Although apparently I need to be more human...

Will's outlining of all the features we'll need to write by the end of the course was combined with a reminder of the magazine's deadline. The weight of what we have to do was etched on everyone's face. Then Keith and Roberta kindly swamped us with "a tsunami of resubs", with a reminder that we need to be applying for jobs NOW.

Some of us went into panic mode/mild hysteria and had a lengthy discussion about whose obituaries we'd like to write. I've got my eye on Elizabeth Taylor, but other faves were Ronnie Biggs, Tony Curtis and... Michaela Strachan?! Nobody seems keen to tackle George Bush Snr. or Margaret Thatcher.

Nobody did "the cookie run" today, but there was a sneaky McDonald's visit by two who shall remain nameless. This was combined with longing discussions about if/when we can next go to the pub.

Lastly, I'm not remotely bothered that I'll miss Brighton Pride this weekend. Why would I want to be dancing in a tent with 5, 000 shirtless men, when I could be at a table staring blankly at Teeline?


  1. Don't worry, I've heard no one's going this year. Teeline PWN!

  2. I've heard that the facilities on the International Space station have been vastly improved in recent weeks...


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