21 July 2009

Online News

Today we met Ade who taught us how writing news online differs to print.

The thing that struck me the most was writing a story with no word limit. It felt a bit weird not being restricted, but being restricted at the same time. That makes no sense…there was only a limit to the amount of words in particular sentences. The structure changes a bit too, but it was considerably easy to understand.

I left early today at 7.30, yes that is early for us, and wrote some of this on my long commute home. This according to Kaye yesterday is the secret to my success on the news quiz.

We have all been stressing about finishing our eight stories from a Retirement Show last week. Keith and Roberta really love sending us to such exhilarating places. Luckily, I’ve got mine done probably because I was stressing about them yesterday.

"Josh calls me a geek…he’s so jealous!"

Media Law tomorrow is, from what I’ve heard, going to scare us. I might write this in Teeline now…I am a geek!

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