14 July 2009


Today we looked at news. Not that we have not looked at news before, although our topical quiz scores might suggest otherwise. But today we began to touch on what news really is, and how it should be written.

Our first written task - to produce a news brief from a magazine feature in no more than 50 words - might have been made easier had Keith provided us with the basic check-list for a news piece before we handed them over. No doubt I'll be adding an 'a' next to N1...

We also started bouncing ideas off each other for the magazine we'll be making. The topic we have been assigned is family owned businesses. While I know nothing (yet) about the subject, I have a good feeling we'll do just fine as everybody seems to have plenty of ideas.

Ideas, however, are something I seem to be lacking in. I have no idea how I'm going to get through the next nine weeks seeing as I'm already struggling to keep my eyes open and the course has barely begun.

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