15 July 2009


It's only the third day and already I feel I've been here for much longer - but I mean that in a good way. As yet however I am still drinking tea, which I think is an indication that the pace has not yet started to quicken - a steady increase in coffee consumption might be a good indicator of things to come...

That said, the news tests so far have been pretty shaming (what happened to my good memory?) and our first teeline test is still to come, which I am dreading. Ten days between giving up my previous job and starting the course was definitely not long enough to get up to... well, I was about to say speed, but perhaps squiggle comprehension would be more accurate at this stage. I have enjoyed learning it so far but it is very slow going and I am sure I will alternatively hate and love it over the next few months.

Must go and read the papers now.

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