23 July 2009

He's behind you - he's got swine flu!

By now I fully expected to be writing this from a bunker underground, somewhere far outside the city. With pig plague sufferers stalking outside moaning and dragging their Lemsip mugs behind them. Possibly silhouetted against a blackened sky. Possibly feasting on brains (but I could have that part of swine flu wrong).

It was an apocalyptic vision, and some might say a slightly negative one. But there is no space for negativity on the PMA training. And now I know that dreaming up this scenario was good preparation for our task today.

Today we went to Camden Market to interview the locals about, well, Camden Market. We did this armed only with our wit and pluck and had only tiny video cameras to protect us. (PMA-ers have no need for swine flu masks, we do not succumb to diseases as other people do.)

Monosyllabic teens, foreigners and even a man in a loincloth were interrogated in the name of Vox Pops, with varying degrees of success. Tomorrow, we have the possibly arduous task of gleaning any kind of sense from our subjects.

That, of course, as long as we survive the journey home.

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