26 July 2009

Getting there...

Feeling slightly like an old man I happily went to bed at 9 o'clock last night. I owed it to my fellow pma-ers...I was turning into something from one of those teen-girl movies (bratty, grouchy and dishevelled).

Can't believe 2 weeks have passed already. If there's one thing to remember about journalism it's that organisation is key. My re-subs are all in the wrong order, I lost Keith's homework and I'm hungry because my lunch is in the fridge at home...useful.

Nevertheless, it all seems to be going really well. Teeline is over for the day and we all have information overload. So many blends, endings and word-groupings arrrrrr!!

Oh and note to self: Don't ever give your details out to strangers who claim to be TimeOut journos!

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