22 July 2009

Don't get on the wrong side of the law...

So today Ade taught us all about media law. Well, half of it anyway, there's another instalment to come. Some of the cases are quite funny, like the woman who was taken to court over calling someone called Steven "horrendously ugly". Apparently that's fair enough if it's your honest opinion! And she wasn't being malicious, just kind of mean.

But really media law isn't so funny if it lands you in jail. Luckily Ade says that in England judges prefer not to send journalists to prison - so that's good news. But I still hope none of us is ever in that position. We just need to watch out for Violet's strong views on Sienna Miller!

In other news, I scored my first zero on today's quiz which was quite devastating. I blame the Metro. Think I'll invest in a decent paper tomorrow.

Ideas for the magazine are starting to flow quite well. No one really has much time to follow up on them, but they are there and that's the important thing. Everyone is pretty much knackered by now so I'm looking forward to when the adrenaline kicks in. Roberta keeps saying that it will...

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