20 July 2009

Day 8 in the PMA house

Oh my God. I feel sick, genuinely sick. It could be due to the fact I'm on my fifth cup of coffee and I can't really see properly and I'm pretty sure it's an early on set of cataracts. It could also be due to the fact that its already 8.00pm and I already have 15 re-subs and 12 news stories to write. I'm just not sure it's humanly possible. Adam assures me it is. Oh yeah and thats not forgetting research for our magazine, Business News and practising shorthand. So far not short or handy.

All that aside, today has been fab! We kicked off the morning with a police press conference. Roberta acted as chief superintendent Kevin Henshaw and we were reporters eager for the news of Mr and Mrs Luckett who had been brutally attacked in their Sherwood Forest smallholding. PMAers Violet and Lesley got straight to the heart of the matter with their killer questions: "Was she merely beaten" and "Exactly how do you spell Kune Kune pigs?"

Then a light at the end of the tunnel came in the form of previous grad Kaye Wiggins. A real success story, Kaye reassured us that we would survive and more importantly we would all get jobs. Good stuff.

Thought for the day: give out more business cards.

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