24 July 2009

The dangers of blogging

Be careful what you write about. Yesterday's blogger learnt this lesson the hard way and rocked the PMA headquarters early this morning.

Instruction: See below and guess who didn't come in this morning with a certain flu that rhymes with pine.

Seriously though, get well soon.

After the early setback we started to learn how to use iMovie after our adventure to gauge public opinion on Camden Market yesterday afternoon.

The results were surprisingly good, although I'm not sure the BBC would've shown some of the characters we had in ours. Specifically a bare chested man with nipple-rings.

Everyone enjoyed the chance to show off their artistic side and there were some great Vox Pops as a result.

The biggest mistake made was not getting enough opinion as even for only a short clip you really do need hours of footage.

Overall I think Tom was happy with our efforts but judgement day is tomorrow when we get to show Roberta our first attempts.

On a lighter note here's some stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor.

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