18 July 2009


The first Saturday of the course started at 9.30am, a whole luxurious hour later than normal. I feel like we've all bonded as a group now after yesterday's Retirement Show "rollercoaster" and our first pub visit. Some of us had a sore head after the night before, but it was straight into Keith's spelling bootcamp.

I have to say it brought on a headache and wasn't the highlight of my week. My spelling partner Arabella was rightly annoyed when it came to marking, when it emerged that I hadn't written down two of the words we'd noted on our rough copy. As a result we came second to Alex, Chris and Lesley, when we should have won by one point. But there were three of them, so the moral victory was ours!

Grammar followed, which was more interactive and perked us all up. We all had useful one-on-one chats with Roberta about our progress. Then came the bombshell that we all had to go out and write a news story attached to an event in London. Deadline 6pm tomorrow. The lack of enthusiasm that greeted this news was followed by Roberta's response: "Well you all said you wanted to be journalists".

A magazine meeting followed, which has focused us and created forward momentum. We then all went our seperate ways to find our story. I did spot Chris and Ricky at the Shoreditch Festival just now. I think I beat them to the big scoop though. (Three words: Hula hooping. Quilting).

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