30 July 2009

And the word of the day is...


Chris demonstrates what we've learned today...

At the moment, I feel as though I'm staring down a railway track in the middle of a barren desert. Each individual steel line stretches on and on into the horizon. They are illuminated in an orange blaze by the setting sun. Beads of sweat trickle down my forehead, gasping for a breeze to cool the ensuing panic etched across my face.

Today, we were given a strict lesson in how to write a feature intro with Will. From the drop intro to the anecdotal... It was the sort of information that made us all realise just how wide of the mark the intros for our David Gustave interviews were.

The above was my first attempt at a 'deep description' intro... It's something that you get better at with experience... apparently.

The key seems to be: start it punchy, end it punchy.

The work is really starting to pile up now. Our Beauty of Camden features are due tomorrow morning. Thankfully, Will has taken pity on us and given us the gift of time - a whole two hours extra to finish them. Now, if only we could get the same sympathy from Keith and Roberta.

A visit from Stephen, graduate from the winter 2009 course and esteemed editor of Canal Business, finished off the day. It was nice to see someone who had done the course and come out the otherside. I also think he could make a career out of being a motivational speaker for future PMA students - the overiding theme was "have confidence in yourself, you can do it". Something I'm sure we'll have grasped come graduation in September.

There's a genuine sense that the group are beginning to pull together. We had our first team huddle with American fist pumping moment, which energised us all for a whole 15 seconds. Gemma and I took it upon ourselves to comfort Adam when it looked like he was having a nervous breakdown for a split-second. We soon realised that we were probably consoling ourselves. Ricky's also revealed that he's a big JLS fan by deconstructing the exact meaning behind the dance moves. ("It's representing a heartbeat, innit!")

The conversations between the group has also started to take a more serious tone. Before we discussed frivolous matters like swine flu, the recession and the decline of the Labour Party. Now we focus on Deborah Meaden's investment habits on Dragon's Den, the artistic merits of The Saturdays and the demographic of the gay population.

Apparently, Violet has no gaydar... Which got me thinking of a new product for TomTom that Deborah would definitely decide to invest in and make a fortune.

...Then we can hop aboard the desert express and choo-choo into the sunset.

(I'm selling the pay-off, if you're buying!)

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