04 March 2009


Well I am going through my list of things to do for course and writing a piece for the blog is definitely high up there.

As the end of the PMA course looms in sight- yes I think that somewhat 'dark' verb expressed my some of my fears and ambivalence about the last week- I think it might be time to spill the beans about a couple of things you need to know about this course before you do it.

You will learn a lot and you will be taught extremely well with a great deal of commitmetn. That is the good part. The scary part is that the Big Print !in the info on the course has been true for me!

If you are prone to anxiety or low on self-confidence this course could make you into a journalist in nine weeks but be wary of its toll on your psyche.

The tutors will do their level best, i would say their double level best to get you through and build your confidence. But at the end of the day you will find the course if you come in with yes humility, but firm self-belief.

You do not want to waste precious minutes of the nine weeks or indeed your brief human life on this planet stressing out about the course as I did. there is not that much time spare on the course for self-doubt.

If you are into meditation or yoga you are probably at an advantage. You need to become an arch wizard at clearing your mind and focusing on the job in hand, while hopefully at least your sub-conscious juggles with three other tasks.

Also I feel presently like a battery hen, just churning out assignments. Still only ten more days before i am back free-ranging.

I meant to say so much more and reveal more gory truths or rather my personal gory truthsthe course but they will have to wait. At the end of the day it is very subjective. Some people sailed the course. At times I found it extremely demanding and unpleasant. But that is me. After six years of a relaxed pace of life perhaps and without the requisite inner belief perhaps it was inevitable.

The course group has been excellent and supportive and there are some people on the course I have a lot of time and respect for.

Due to my self-doubt I worried excessively about the tutors' opinion sometimes. I guess when you are an insecure novice on a course like this the opinions of the tutors can
seem like everything. That puts an unfair pressure on the tutors too I have realised.

So my advice is believe in yourself and remember that everyone on the course, including you, your peers and tutors are human in the best sense possible.

Good night.

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