10 March 2009

Nearly there

The two weeks of placement flew by and it's hard to believe we're in the final week. I got a huge amount out of my placement and all the staff were really friendly and supportive. But it didn't stop me waking up feeling very nervous most days, knowing that I was there to prove myself. On reflection, I needn't have worried so much and I did prove to myself as much as everyone there that I am now a journalist. The next stop will be convincing someone who can offer me a job.

It's hard to feel optimistic about the employment situation. Jobs are scarcer than ever and, as of yet, I've had no interview or freelance offers. It looks like I'll have to resort to temp work for the next couple of weeks so I can pay my rent. But I do now feel there are many more jobs open to me than there were nine weeks ago and I can handle anything that a job would throw at me.

After a hard night's cramming yesterday, I managed to pass media law so I now feel confident enough to write stories without ending up in court. Just two more exams to go so the end is in sight. I've become very comfortable at PMA over the last two months so waking up on Monday morning without having to head off to Camden and without resubs or shorthand practice to do will be very disconcerting. I'm looking forward to heading to the pub for a well-earned drink on Friday. But after the weekend I'll continue my concerted effort to get out and find work.

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