01 March 2009

The mortification of mingling

Today Brand Republic sent me to a Microsoft event at Sketch. Xbox were announcing a partnership with NBC Universal and I was there to get a story.

Walking in to a room full of total strangers used to make my toes curl, but today I was determined not to be intimidated.

I was going to draw on my reserve of PMA confidence and mingle with the best of them. I was going to sidle up to people I’d never met, join conversations that were already in full swing, and dazzle with my witty repartee.

When I got there, I actually ended up making a beeline for a nervous looking boy who was about 12 and had definitely never shaved. But by the end of the afternoon, I’d done a 15-minute interview with Microsoft’s head of Xbox. I’d had interesting chats with tonnes of people and came away with a number of stories to follow up on.

I think I might always quake slightly at the thought of immersing myself in a room full of strangers, but I am confident that I can do it. When there’s a pressure to do the job well, there’s no room for inhibition.

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