12 March 2009

The end is in sight...

I never thought this day would come... Not the end of the course, which I was also sceptical I would see, but the day I passed a spelling test!! So I have officially finished the course! That is quite a surreal feeling, but a good one.

Today we had a session on how to survive as a freelancer. I quite like the idea of the freelance life, although maybe not the freelance money but we take what we can! I have just had my first commission too, another exciting step. Now I just have to get the thing written.

Keith was also tested today... by the PTC, and luckily for anyone wanting to take this course in the next few years, he passed. He might not approve of the clauses in my sentence though, but potential future PGs will learn that all in good time.

So now all we have to do is graduate, and get a job. But for now nothing will spoil the day we finished PMA. Well done all, and I have to say I could not have got through the course without all the help and support of all my fellow PMAers. I have faith they will go far, and make noise wherever they end up.

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