19 February 2009

We're going to Press!!

Today was the day we were supposed to be going to press with Canal Business!

Well...that was the plan. The day started off very chilled and we were all optimistic that by 12.30 we may have everything ready and set a new record for PMA. Unfortunately this was not meant to be.

Little things had to be changed and Kaye did an amazing job with the subbing. Keith arrived about midday to take a look at our 'mock up' Unfortunately there were a few more changes to be made after this and it took a little longer than we thought. As the changes had to be made by Kaye and Steve there was not a lot that all of us could do except feel a little quilty for being unable to help!

We were all getting tired towards the end of the day and were contemplating another late one as we really wanted to have everything sent off today. Roberta suggested that it was best however that we looked over it all in the morning with fresh eyes...good idea!

The majority of Canal Business is completed and it has been a challenge, although I am sure we are all thinking, if we can make canals interesting then surely we can make anything interesting. Well done team!

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