11 February 2009

Things start to fall into place

We all arrived at PMA today feeling very tired from working into the wee small hours. But still we were in relatively high spirits and determined to press on with Canal Business.

The range of emotions we go through in one working day (though it is 12 hours long) is astonishing, from excitement to trepidation, from panic to joy, and from despair to quiet confidence. Actually, this last one might be more of a numbness after leaving at the end of the day feeling completely drained and unable to actually worry anymore.

But I'd like to think that we're all feeling happy with how the magazine is shaping up. We now seem to have a good bulk of features and many news stories flying in to fill the pages. Plus our design is starting to take shape after a day and a half of desktop publishing. The afternoon was a write-off after a power cut destroyed our server. Luckily, our work was retreived and Canal Business was saved from seeming doom.

After spending a good 40 minutes on the phone with once council official today, however, I realised that the more I learn about canal development, the more I realise how little I actually know. I've also learnt that what seems like a simple and rather dull news story, can quickly become something much more complex and interesting.

I've also learned that subbing can, in fact, be enjoyable when working with good material. You get to read someone else's excellent work and help them to make it even better.

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