26 February 2009

Ten things

1. I now know my NHS from my AMRC, and my PCT from my MIMs.

2. The sheer mention of a magazine about canals makes people laugh. For a long time.

3. There once was a northern lad called Jay, who laboured for two weeks without pay, it was experience of work, didn’t want to look a total berk, but may leave with hair a shade of grey.

4. Maybe we should have all marched into our placements like this guy.

5. I hope Menaha’s hypnosis worked.

6. It’s an odd thing isn’t it, work experience?

Trying to impress, but trying not to get in the way? Wanting to do as much as possible, without wanting to seem like you know it all? Feeling as if you’re the first person ever to sit at the lonely computer, while avoiding feeling left out?

7. So far, I’ve managed to restrain myself from yelling ‘EMPLOY ME!’ when the room goes quiet.

8. I’ve realised that if you march into a news meeting pretending to be confident, and have a few ideas - that gets you a lot of respect.

9. I promise to teach Caz how to embed links (apple, K)

10. PMA also stands for positive mental attitude. The other day, someone thought I was on a course to improve my inner motivation. 

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