08 February 2009


Making the most of not having to be in till 2pm, for me Sunday morning saw me manically trying to get the re-subs pile down, while other PMA-ers (Katie) decided to go for a ten mile run...by mistake, having got lost after eight! Some of us (me) have probably not run for ten miles in our lifetime! We all applaud Katie's determination to do the marathon after this course, something that has felt like a marathon in itself!

It was so nice to be able to wear casual clothes, the comfy Ugg boots had to make an appearance, especially as some areas of London are still covered in snow! 

Poor Alison, she always gets us at the end of a week when we were all slightly hyper and running on adrenaline. Still, we are all gradually improving our shorthand skills with Caz and Kaye already passing the required 60 words per minute! Slowly but surely we are picking up the outlines and the speed and even find it amusing how all the dictation stories are slightly crazed.

So it is the end of another 'week' with the deadline for all stories for Canal Business to be submitted by Thursday...Goodbye sleep!

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