22 February 2009


We've been banging on about it for weeks and driving our friends and families crazy - but at last, here it is! 

It's a strange feeling now that the mag's finished, and we're all a bit unsure of what to do with ourselves. (Oh, wait - Teeline, law, resubs, features, job applications - maybe not.)

It's also really strange that we'll be on placement for the next 2 weeks and not seeing each other. Now that I've spent 10 hours a day, 7 days a week with the same people it'll be odd not to hear from them (although it might be a welcome break for my eyeliner if it means I'm not crying with laughter every day.)

Good luck on your placements everybody. As Roberta tells us, now that we've produced Canal Business, we can cope with anything. We'll see...

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