04 February 2009

Subs 'R Us: Spot the mistakes

Today was the first day of subbing. As a class we subbed an article about Monopoly and discovered that the longest anyone has ever played the game is 49 days. Together, we wondered if we would be subbing the article for as long. It felt as if we were.

I am approaching subbing as a way to improve my spelling and grammar. I hope to leave the lessons with two things: a) An increased love and respect for the very skilled art of subbing, and b) Kick-ass, no mistakes copy.

Head of PMA Keith Elliott said: “Jamie, you sub this paragraph.”

Jamie: Reaction (click here)

Some of the articles displayed in front of us to correct had actually gone to print. Together with Kaye, as the Canal Business subbing team, we pray that our magazine is word perfect. 

p.s. This is a marvellous film. 


  1. First one to spot all the mistakes wins a Mars bar. Menaha, you know you want it!

  2. Jamie - it's "None of us was" and delete "Currently". I could go on....

  3. Oh no! They were not the grammar corrections I was hoping for. Nice to know that people outside our little PG-bubble are reading our blog though.


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