15 February 2009

Lock here, these puns are dredgeful.

Had a great session on headlines this week. I've decided that I'm destined to work on The Sun's sub desk. The past couple of days have been spent trying to crowbar puns into Canal Business.

Only limited success so far. 'Waterway to spend a holiday' has made it in, narrowly beating 'Need a break? You can always go on a boat holiday'. I suspect 'Water palava' will make an appearance somewhere. Just trying to think of the right context to replace 'about' with 'a boat'.

Roberta has said that a business title is not the place for such wordplay. As deputy editor I feel it is my duty to defend the chosen editorial line. I just need to get Steve on side first...

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  1. NB 'Waterway to spend a holiday' has, in fact, not made it into the magazine.

    Though if Mark had convinced Katie to title her features 'Flood prevention needn't be a drain on your finances' I would have been very impressed.


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