15 February 2009

I fought the law...

... And the law won.

Tomorrow is our media law mock exam. I feel as though my head should contain a lot more information about libel, defamation and public interest right now. I guess that’s what the tube journey tomorrow is for…

The class is becoming increasingly divided. Not in an ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ way - we’re not Big Brother, but in terms of shorthand. I have nothing wrong with admitting how envious I am of those who have managed to pass 60wpm or above. (Today, Kaye got 90!) Well done to you guys. I guess my ‘practising shorthand while watching an episode of 24’ hasn’t really done me proud so far. However, I am ready for the words president, terrorism, threat, Bauer and torture. I’ll get there.

Well done again to Caz for becoming Employee of the Month. Good on you, Wilson! Roll on the celebratory bevies. It has reminded me of what news is. News is the new, the first, the exclusive, relevant to readership, and the now. Caz is news. (Click.)

I would also like to express my allegiance with Mark (below). Puns really are quite marvellous. “Canalways look on the bright side of life” and “Waterways optimising transport potential? Freight not” are both essential parts of Canal Business.

Finally, I saw this and thought of us. Interviewing can’t be that hard if nine-year-olds can do it, can it?

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