24 February 2009

First days of placement...

It would seem in the madness of Canal Business I, and a few of my fellow PMAers, have neglected the blog. But as you can see from the last post we now have no excuse! The last week went by in a slight blur and now placement feels relatively calm. I am at the Morning Advertiser, which went to press at 4 today, and it was surprisingly stress free.

That was unlike my first day…I was…LATE! Of all the things NOT to do when trying to make a good impression being late is top of the list. I got cocky, I thought I knew where I was going, sat nav failed me, it was rush hour and all of a sudden I was ten whole minutes late! Luckily for me the editor is extremely chilled out and everyone is lovely so I think I might have got away with it…just!

I was then trusted with a NIB to write. Thanks to Roberta and Keith stripping me of the need to use excess words (except in this blog!) I managed to fit all the info into just 50 words, and hopefully passed the test.

I have now progressed to more exciting tasks, this morning I rang a selection of licensees to ask the following question – If you could be cryogenically frozen and come back in the future when would you come back?

I can see that Caz’s style of journalism is alive and kicking! Or maybe there is more scope for the exciting in the pub trade?!

I hope everyone else is having as much fun and realising (shock horror) Roberta was right…we made Canal Business so we can survive in the world of journalism. 

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