16 February 2009

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines is the story of my life at the moment and no doubt the life of a journalist. Are all journalists really well-organised, endowed with common sense, meticulous note takers (to avoid libel charges), impervious to pressure, tough-skinned and god knows what else. Is there no room for deviance from this news journalist profile and still make some money somewhere writing. It sometimes feels like I need to rehaul my whole character to become a journalist. At the moment am debating if it is the right career path for me. Kind of like being chaotic - I have never really aspired to being well-organised, although i can see its uses in journalism. Off course I realise the importance of accuracy and detail in journalism, especially on an ethical level. But as a rule find too much attention to other kinds of detail stifling.

Anyway I guess its all part of the learning curve and deciding what kind of journalist or dare I say it writer that I want to be.

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