20 February 2009

The day Roberta let us have a lie-in

I have glared at the little red lights on my alarm clock with contempt and accusation since the course started. But today, god bless them, they formed a magical sight: 7.30am - a few more hours of much needed shut-eye. 
When we all arrived at half-nine (ish - a little tardiness was permitted for the sake of some rather more awake PMA-ers) it was a finishing-up-sorting-out-sort-of-day.  Once Wiggerama and Steve had given the magazine its last read everyone collapsed.  The Canal Business postmortem was likened to a mutual appreciation society and we ended up in the pub at around half-five.

The consensus was somewhat of an anti-climax, until the beers/wine started to kick in. At which point, spirits soared and sites were set on next week's placement.

Have a good fortnight everyone... love you, think you're all great, miss you already ;-) 

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