21 January 2009

What would Tony think?

Tuesday was my designated day to make an entry in this archive of our hopes and fears. As you can see from the time of posting I never quite made it thanks to the PMA workload. So I'll have to keep this brief in case I nod off at my computer and awake at 6am with a keyboard-shaped imprint on my face.

Today was a day of great discussion and debate, much of it over the name of the ideal target reader for our canal business magazine. We settled on Tony. In my mind he seems an affable sort of chap, intelligent yet straightforward. The kind of guy most people would happily go to the pub with. From now on whenever we get stuck on any issue to do with the magazine, we just need to ask ourselves "What would Tony think?"

We also decided on a name for our magazine. We can now be proud to say we write for the wittily titled Canal Business. Though Fluid Matters was a close second.

After portioning up Britain and the rest of the world it was time for a game, of sorts. Who can endure four mock press conferences in 2 hours without going insane and while producing beautifully written stories in between? I think I'll have to avoid writing rolling news of this kind if I don't want to have a heart attack before I'm 30.

My fellow PMA-ers also paid me a huge compliment today by making me editor of Canal Business. Thanks guys, I hope I don't let you down. I'd be completely terrified if I didn't know what a fantastic team I'll be working with, especially our new deputy and news editors.


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