28 January 2009

Video Voxpop Number Two...

We all arrived this morning extremely tired and trying our best to keep awake while Andy talked us through our next feature project. We have worked out that caffeine is the way forward, we're just hoping we don't develop an addiction before the end of the course!

Our next project is entitled...'A Life in the Day' and everyone seems quite excited about the prospect, the only challenge is thinking of someone with an interesting life to talk about. Features has been a bit of light relief from the news stories we have become accustomed to...especially since they are still the vain of our lives with endless re-subs...and more re-subs....will they ever end?

We were then split into two groups to do our second video vox-pop. It was good to have the opportunity to do this for the second time. The feature today was on whether paedestrians and cyclists of Regent's Canal towpath had heard of the new warden scheme...It was not a fun prospect to go out into the rain for the whole afternoon and try and find passers-by that had an opinion on the subject to talk to us but we managed to find some quite interesting characters....alrriiiiight (Caz and Nadia, that was for you!) There were many laughs and re-takes and we realised how uber professional we had been on Monday, it seemed we all had the giggles when in front of the camera today!

Video has been a really good skill to learn, but inevitably the re-subs once again become the focus of our evenings....how are we ever going to get anything else done? I guess that is the constant feeling of a PMA PG!


  1. what's the vain of your life? Could it be the brain? drain? crane? pain? train?
    or even the bane?

  2. Re-subs are most definitely the drain, pain and bane of my life...when you have to find time to write the blog on top of the workload it is easy to get these things mixed up, my tired eyes obviously missed that when I read it over.


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