26 January 2009

Two weeks

Two weeks done and dusted. The scary thing is, we’re a third of the way through the main bulk of the course, and now have less than four weeks until we go to print! But I try not to think about such things, I may not last until then!

It has been a good day. We only had to be in the office for three hours. In the afternoon. Truly wonderful.

I think a few PMA-ers allowed themselves a bit more shut-eye, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. That was until thieves started targeting gardens and a nurse died. We’re hoping for happier tales in Teeline practice next week.

Moods were not dampened however, and there were quite a few giggles along the way. I do hope the lovely Alison will be able to put up with us. Well done to you speedy ones who have already got to a trillion words a minute!

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