30 January 2009

Doo-lally days are on the increase...

We now all look like this...

Concentration is at a bit of a low. We are hyper active / doo-lally. Sainsbury's staff now comment on the number of times we visit in a day. I know, it's a sorry state of affairs that takes escapism to an embarrasssing new level. I'm only admitting to it because it's cathartic and we all need to retain some form of sanity in our re-sub filled frenzy.

So, if you are thinking of this course do not expect to have the "Friday Feeling." We can't even remember what that feels like anymore (cue: violins played by Keith, Roberta and Andy, all snorting with laughter).

On a jollier less suicidal-sounding note this week has been a breath of fresh air in the form of features. I think we all feel we've been let loose to think outside the news box and its BRILLIANT.

Ideas are flying around and we're got our eyes peeled (or to be accurate, propped open with match sticks) in the hope that we'll find the next big scoop.

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