22 January 2009

Poor Teddy

Today started in its usual way: A 5.45am alarm call, a quick shower and then forty minutes of incessant whingeing from my PMA weary boyfriend Teddy.

He is of the thinking that he is suffering as much as me at the moment. Apparently my hair dryer blasting, make-up bag rattling, kettle boiling and boot stomping are a little much to bare. “Yes. It is tough but you will get through it.” I reassure him.

Counselling (or was that Counsilling?) over, I head off to brave another day. A week in and I’ve just about got over the nervous nausea but you never quite know what the day might bring. God forbid another BETT fair….

As it happens, the gods must be smiling down on us, because Keith is a whole twenty minutes late! As I leisurely print out my resubs I feel almost orgiastic with relief. Aaaaahhhh. The luxury of time. So sweet. So elusive….

Keith’s arrival spells the end of such musings and a frenetic pace soon ensues…

First up, write a 270 word news piece for the Venetian times based the incomprehensible Spark Notes for Shakespeare’s Othello. Oh dear. I really do get myself in to quite a tizz.

A quick news quiz (they really love to spring them on you) and then a full day of grammar. I feel like a bit of pervert but am really rather enjoying the temporary respite.

Keith must have gone soft later in the afternoon because he even makes time for us to make a few phone calls. I feverishly chase my Canal leads, feeling just slightly fraudulent as I tell some poor dear that the project that she has been nurturing for the last ten years has captured the imagination of our publication.

Back to Balham and the day is drawing to a close. Dinner is now a desk bound affair and my eyes are an attractive shade of pink from the ongoing exhaustion. There’s still shed loads of work to get through…

In fact good point. I’d best be off. Time to crack on …

Except first, Teddy needs a bit more therapy…

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