13 January 2009

A New Dawn

So, a new day, a new dawn. Although my day began some hours before dawn to be accurate (as we know we must be if we are to be successful journalists). 2am heralded an impromptu bout of vermin bashing in my house, following the surprising and rather alarming discovery of a rodent intruder at close quarters. In my haste to secure lodgings prior to the course start date it seems I may have overlooked some of the more negative aspects of the property I now call home. Attention to detail; just another journalistic quality in need of some serious honing.

There is no time to worry about such trivial matters though. While present accommodation may be of the student variety, we are told that our lifestyles from now on will be anything but. If the word of the PMA tutors is to be believed there will certainly be no time for stereotypical scholarly staples. Attempts to drink one’s own bodyweight in alcohol are out, weekend shorthand practice and evening forays into the blogosphere are in. Only the most cynical out there would dare to suggest that there are those among us who might consider this a shame.

Despite such revelations the collective mood is one of excitement, anticipation and optimism. The feeling of camaraderie is palpable. Of course, this is just the beginning. It remains to be seen whether subsequent blog entries will serve to chronicle a descent into savagery akin to Lord of the Flies. In my mind, the inevitability of looming deadlines, spiralling caffeine addictions and shorthand mania make such a scenario a distinct possibility. Still, at least it will make for a good read. Which is, after all, the most important thing.

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