28 January 2009

The many lives of Bruce Kent...

Today we had our first taste of a face-to-face interview, and luckily Andy broke us in gently. We each had five minutes to get to the essential Bruce Kent…now five minutes may not seem like a long time, but it can be when someone’s first answer wipes out all your next questions!
But Bruce was lovely, and with such an interesting life there was a lot of areas to ask him about.
Mark got the honour of going first, as always. He reassured the rest of the nervous bunch that we would be fine, and of course we all were. Bruce might have felt slightly worse for wear after though having been asked about all aspects of his life from his decision to take a wife to his views on Guantanamo bay. But he looks great for 80!
The end of the day resulted in another crash down to earth when we realised we had just over three weeks until our magazine goes to press…so the pile of re subs will just have to wait, at least until we have some canal business related news.
As Suzie said “I feel like I’ve got a money on my back all the time…” I think we all know the feeling.

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