17 January 2009

The first Saturday...

After getting over the initial shock at waking up at 5:30am when it was still dark on a saturday morning, yes, that was saturday, I proceeded to make my way to Mornington Crescent to meet my fellow PMA-ers. Everyone was surprisingly cheerful and commented on how it was strange to be wearing smart clothes on a weekend.

Today we had our first meeting with Roberta and the general feeling was one of reassurance. Instead of being told the first week had been terrible, I was surprised and relieved to hear that I had not done as badly as I thought. I felt positive about the next few weeks. Even though it feels like a long time until the end of the course, we are going to be so busy with work and re-subs, and more re-subs that it will flash before our eyes.

At 2pm we had our first Teeline lesson. Having found it hard to find the time to practice, I was quite scared about the possibility of not being up to speed. It is surprising how much you can forget in a week. Alison was really helpful and reassuring. With regular lessons and weekly practice, I'm sure those outlines and special word endings will soon be embedded on our minds. We may even attempt to use it in an interview....or not!

So, having written down Teeline words to work on, and being set the task by Roberta to go to an event and find a news story, everyone is delighted to have Sunday to catch up with work....but we're sure this is going to be the only one. So with that in mind...off to the pub!

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