24 January 2009

Dear Diary

Alcohol: Only to send me to sleep.

Cigarettes: Considering starting.

Weight: Gained three re-subs...

Canal Business (it is in italics because it’s a real magazine) seemed to get all hand’s on deck today. A shock to the system was in order. LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS.

Four weeks, three beats, two media (magazine and website), and a partridge in a pear tree.
As displayed by these beautiful visuals, I am an excited picture editor. (The photos are taken minutes from where I call home.)

From yesterday,
here is my first video vox pop. After the drama of being arrested to make it (I may be exaggerating somewhat), Mark and I did a pretty fine job of it. Beers must be drank to celebrate.

Mark’s version is
here - he cannot hide from it.

Celebratory drinks also to the girls. Congratulations on making your blogs private so I can't post your videos! I’ll find a way around your restrictions. Be warned, I’m a tech-savvy multimedia journalist now.

UPDATE. This final part is relevant to just fellow PMA-ers. Potential employers, you can stop reading now thankyouverymuch... Aside from our new shorthand CD (it's Alison - how cute!), the link to the youtube lady is here. Make her your friend. 


  1. Blogging brilliance, nice work Jamie. And Susie, The Guardian and Farmers Weekly would both be lucky to have you ;-) I hope everyone else is enjoying an equally crazy Saturday night... See you all tomorrow in our Sunday Teeline best.

  2. Cheers Caz. Yes, my Saturday night was absolutely MENTAL. All aboard the crazy train. Teeline best, here we come.


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