14 January 2009

Day Three, not quite over.

The novelty of the 50-word news story wore-off today, rather rapidly, at much the same pace as our deadlines seemed to get shorter. With four done and dusted by mid-afternoon, and just as many rejections handed back to us, our work files most likely saw their last empty day. When asked what we thought would be easier, writing 50 words or 250 words, we all foolishly said the latter. The general thinking, I believe, was that we wouldn't be two times over the word limit with our first sentences.

How wrong we were. For the record, and I think I can speak on behalf of all the PMA-ers, writing 250 words is, at least at the moment, much more difficult. The hour time limit, of course, flew by in about 10 minutes. Actually. I applaud those who met the deadline. (I was not one of them.) For some reason, I'm thoroughly looking forward to finding out the many number of ways we get our first 250 attempt wrong between the 11 of us.

By the end of the day we were in a blur of N1a, N2, N3a, N3b, N...what? These are the numbers used to label each submission, N1 being our first news story, N1a our re-submission of that story, N1b our second re-submission of that story. Need I go on? I dread to think the confusion it will cause when we are on N40z, and still re-submitting N4.

It may have been the end of the day at the PMA office, it was not, however, the end of the day for us PMA-ers. All of us had journeys home, some longer than others, and the majority of us had a back-log of re-submissions to get through. Having learnt that Laura is getting up at 5.30am every morning to get to Mornington Crescent from her humble abode far, far away, I feel less inclined to complain.

To finish off, I feel it is necessary to log the advent of a slight deliria this afternoon. I have a feeling levels will rapidly increase, and they need to be monitored.

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