13 January 2009

Day 2: "Dog bites Posh Spice"

So, that’s it. Day two is over.

Today was News Writing 101. What exactly is news? What is a news story source? Questions that actually had us pondering the worth of Posh Spice compared to us PMA-ers and whether a man gnawing a dog’s leg off is socially acceptable humour.

A further feature of day two was the dreaded 50-word news story. Now, just what you think 50 words is; half it and subtract ten. Already in this blog entry, you have enjoyed a delicious 85 words. Anyway, the process lead to the first (of many) re-subs. Let us all get used to it.

What is most evident at the minute is that everyone seems genuinely lovely. Now, ‘lovely’ is not a term I go spreading about lightly but here it serves as a perfect description. A post-PMA gathering has already been discussed – cheering on Katie towards the finish line at the London Marathon. Good on her! I’ll probably be stuffing my face with chips as she passes by.

The tutors, too, seem really positive. What followed from a scary-as-hell interview all those months ago has seemingly morphed into a supportive and ‘journalistic parent’ atmosphere.

Finally, some colleague encouragement. He, much like us, has also just endured his second day On The Job... I think we’re winning.

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