23 January 2009

Day 13

21 January 2009

Day 13 of the course. I know, it reads like Robinson Crusoe’s diaries when he was under duress. My experience of the intensity of the course truly caught up with me this morning. And to think that my plan had been to catch up on my sleep last night. However things went awry and despite going to bed early I had problems sleeping and woke up after three hours sleep feeling disturbingly sleep deprived. This morning Andy taught us about online journalism. I had reached glazed eye stage due to fatigue and panic and could not take anything in. I have not been able to put much time aside for grooming each morning and I think I am beginning to look a bit rough around the edges. It is worth looking after yourself for your own morale and any employers that might pass by PMA.

Later in the morning I spoke to Roberta. Seeing that I was swirling further and further down into a whirlpool of anxiety, she gave me compassionate leave of twenty-four hours. Roberta genuinely cares about all of us and our well being. I admire her generosity with her time and support.

Before I left the building the cavalry in the form of Nadia and Caz arrived to give me their much appreciated morale support. Keith did warn me before the course that there could very well be tears and I was definitely borderline tears as I bounded out of the computer room. Thanks guys! The concern for my well-being on various faces did lift my spirits. I received a welcome phone call from Stephen tonight to make sure I was OK and Nadia and Caz were there for me. The upside of the course’s intensity is that you bond quite quickly with people and you can help each other.

From what I gather the class studied on-line journalism for the rest of the day and an ex - PMA Postgraduate came in to speak about her job.

Anyway I want to complete the course. We are learning a lot. The best advice I can give myself or anyone else who finds themselves anxious about their ability to get through the course is to try and take one day at a time. It might also be helpful to be aware that you are not alone. Other people may be anxious or unconfident too. They just cope in different ways or do not broadcast their anxiety! And one thing I did notice this week is that you will find areas that are tougher for you but you will also find areas you find relatively easy. Media law and grammar became welcome friends to me this week.

Oh yeah someone from the course sent me a nice and supportive text late tonight but they did not sign their name. Thank you so much. Anyway I’m signing off so I can get some sleep. See you all tomorrow.

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