19 January 2009

Cheer up. You might not get sued

Today is 'Blue Monday', the most depressing day of the year. Not so at PMA.

We started the week with excited chatter about yesterday's escapades, when on Roberta's orders we each went to an event in search of news. 'Dangermouse' Caz went undercover to scout out headlines - infinitely smarter than my vain attempt to interrogate tourists at Madame Tussauds. Apparently they don't care about Obama's new waxwork.

An impromptu media law lesson followed. Roberta is big on being punctual, but tutor Adrian's arrival 24 hours ahead of schedule was keen even by her standards. Sorry Adrian. Oh no, wait, I'm not sorry. That would mean admitting guilt and ruining my chances in a defamation case.

As you can tell, media law scared the wotsits out of all of us. We could be sued for almost anything we write. Even writing this, I am aware that I am publishing, and could be sued. To offset this fear, the group adopted an effective diversion tactic, grilling Adrian on everything from adjectives to Mick Jagger. Apparently we are "the most distracting group ever." The highlight for me was his polite request: "Now, if you don't mind talking about the law just for a little bit..."

Now that we have a schedule we are no longer stepping blindly into the unknown every morning. Tomorrow we will be learning about 'Business of Magazines'. We will try not to distract you, Roberta. Honest.

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