31 January 2009

A brief respite

Last night I allowed myself an evening off for the first time in three weeks on the course. And when I say 'evening off' I mean I only worked until 8.30pm. The next morning it was back to re-subs in the morning, shorthand lessons in the afternoon and job applications in the evening.

I've sent off my first application and had my first rejection. Something tells me it won't be the last.

Although I've got plenty to do I've also discovered a major problem for a journalist with a Monday deadline: nobody else works at weekends. So no progress has been made with any of my features today.

Shorthand seems to be progressing relatively well and that target of reaching 60 words per minute in nine weeks seems more realistic. But once again we've all had to vow to make more of an effort to practise in the week.

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