18 January 2009

The end of a 'week'...

"It's the end of a restful Sunday, kick-started by reading the papers over a big breaky and a top brew. A lovely end to the first very relaxing week". You will never, ever hear that said by a PMA-er. If you do, its an outright lie or Roberta and Keith have gone soft. And just so you know, the latter is unlikely :-)

At the end of week one we are all trying to be hard-core-no-colour news reporters. I miss the embroidery, although I am learning that facts can add just as many stitches to a story as your own (often unneccesarily complicated) vocabulary.

Here are a few...

Firstly the PMA Postgrad course is not 9 weeks, its 1,512 hours. To be called weeks, they would need to be split up by days, and the days would need to be separated. Technically we do sleep, but dreams of shorthand outlines suggest this is not exactly quality.

All in all it's good news - the mass hysteria at the end of each 'day' guarantees some light relief to frazzilitis.


Off we went to cover an event in London, looking for an undiscovered gem. For me and my totally unrealistic, overexcited expectations, this meant looking forward to meeting Daniel Craig at the London International Boat Show where the Quantum of Solace yacht was on show. Maybe next time.

I found myself talking to Micro Magic yachts. Not quite as glamourous but an opportunity to chat to all sorts of weird and wonderful people. The best bit about all of this.

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