16 January 2009

The big and scary world...

Today we went to an educational event looking for stories, lots of stories. The brief – You are launching a pilot magazine for the educational sector. Now find 8 stories. But not just any stories, news stories. That means relevant stories, interesting stories for your readers, new stories.

Ok so off we went. It starts of well enough. I talk to a primary school head about the issues that she wants to read about, spell her name right, take her card. A new contact! Maybe a story, who knows (me obviously, as my new business card says I am a Journalist). Next stop find some new products, how are they changing the face of education? Ok so I can’t seem to find any new products, just kind of new ones… lets move on to something else.

Surely there must be some scandal here somewhere, I need to think like Caz...

Coffee might help, and then wow someone actually approaches me! Unfortunately he seems a bit on the alternative side, and is convinced classrooms are not the way forward, but he knows what is. Half an hour later I have put my pen down, closed my notebook, finished my coffee, looked at my watch, coughed, fidgeted, even yawned and he is still talking, is now the time to be rude? I interject and he looks slightly taken aback, he had actually forgotten I was there.

And so it goes on. I wrote a lot, and spoke to a range of people but as for news stories, that remains to be seen.

I hope my fellow PMAers had some success uncovering news but I hope they spoke to some weird and wonderful people too. And next time we might introduce ourselves as journalists with a little more self-belief. 

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